MyPatient Ordering 

Q: How do I register for MyPatient Ordering?

A: Simply follow this link to apply for an account - accounts.integria.com


Q: Where do I login to MyPatient Ordering?  

A: You login at patient.integria.com 


Q: What is my username for MyPatient Ordering? 

A: Your username is your existing Integria 'ship to' number associated with your Integria account. 


Q: How do I find out what my ‘ship to’ number is? 

A: You will have a 'ship to' number for each Billing account you have currently registered on your Integria account. Your 'ship to' number appears on every Integria invoice. You can also call Customer Care on 1300 654 336 to find out your 'ship to' number or email enquiries@integria.com 


Q: Who can I contact if I am unable to login to MyPatient Ordering?

A: For any help logging into the site please contact Customer Care on 1300 654 336 or email us at enquiries@integria.com 


Q: I am a Practitioner, where do I go to order products for my clinic?

A: Ordering products for your clinic can be done via our MyIntegria portal at au.integria.com  


Q: How do I login to MyIntegria?

A: Login to our MyIntegria portal at au.integria.com  


Q: I am a student who has recently graduated, how can I upgrade to a Practitioner account to access MyPatient Ordering? 

A: Along with your request for upgrade, please send a copy of your qualifications to our Accounts Receivable team at ar@integria.com. Please call Accounts Receivable on 1300 654 336 for any assistance with upgrading your account.


Q: What are the "Patients that need actioning" notices on the ‘My patient notifications’ page? 

A: These are Notifications or Reminders to help you understand if there are any outstanding actions for your patients, such as completing their registration, ordering from a prescription, or letting you know they have ordered the last repeat from the prescription and you may wish to top it up. The "Send Reminder" action will resent the appropriate email to prompt the patient and help keep them on track with their plan. 

Q: Why can't I see all the practitioner-only products when I am creating a prescription for my patients? 

A: Not all practitioner-only products are available to prescribe to patients. Many such as the MediHerb Liquids require further formulation and therefore cannot be delivered directly to a patient. 
Dangerous Goods have specific delivery requirements for residential delivery. We are working with our logistics partners to extend the range in future. 


Q: If I have enabled my Patients to "Browse a range of retail products" via the Patient Settings page, can they access practitioner-only products? 

A: No, this only allows the patients to browse a limited range of our retail products. The only practitioner-only products the patient can access are those prescribed by the practitioner and visible on the prescription page. 


Q: What is the "Consult Mode On/Off" for? 

A: The consult mode will allow a practitioner to create a prescription for their patient in a shared screen environment (where a patient is also looking at the Prescription screen). Clicking the consult mode to "On" will hide information that is confidential to the practitioner e.g. the wholesale price for products and rebate summaries. 


Q: How can I delete a patient from my patient listings?

A: To remove a patient from your listings, you will need to click onto the patient you'd like to remove, head to the 'Patient settings' page, and at the bottom of the page click 'Hide patient from my patients listings'. Then click save.


Q: Is there a Free Freight threshold for Patient orders? 

A: Yes, orders over $192.50 inc GST are shipped Freight Free anywhere in Australia. Orders under $192.50 inc GST will be shipped at a flat rate of $13.20 Australia wide. 


Q: What methods of payment are available in MyPatient Ordering 

A: We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard. 


Q: Do you store my credit card details when I use them on the website? 

A: No, we do not store your credit card details. We use eWay to securely process all online payments. More information available at: www.eway.com.au 


Practitioner-only Products 

Q: I’m a Practitioner but I can’t add restricted products to my cart. How can I order these? 

A: To access restricted practitioner-only products, please ensure you have agreed to the Practitioner Product and Online Terms here. 


Q: I’m a student who has recently become a qualified Practitioner, how can I access practitioner-only products? 

A: Please contact Accounts Receivable on 1300 654 336 or email ar@integria.com for assistance with upgrading your account. You well then need to ensure you have agreed to the Practitioner Product and Online Terms here to access practitioner-only products.